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HideMyAss Home1. Over 900 servers in more than 350 countries or cities
2. More than 125,000 IP address available for unlimited switch
3. Unlimited data transfer
4. 30-days money back guarantee
5. Two simultaneous connections
6. Works on all your devices
7. Support all protocols

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purevpn logo1. 500+ servers in 141 countries
2. 80,000 IPs
3. Unlimited data transfer
4. 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee
5. Used by up to 5 devices
6. Compatible for all kinds of devices
7. DNS leak protection

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ExpressVPN brief features:

expressvpn logo1. Zero logging of your browsing activity
2. Servers in 78 countries
3. Unlimited server switches
4. Two simultaneous connections, one for computer and the other for handheld device
5.  30-day money-back guarantee
6. Support for all devices
7. Support for all VPN Tunneling Protocols

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VyprVPN brief features:

vyprvpn logo1. 3 Simultaneous Connections
2. Unlimited Data Usage
3. NAT Firewall Included
4. 3-Day Free Trial. Cancel Anytime. Risk Free.
5. Apps available for all Device
6. Chameleon mode can break VPN Blocking
7. VyprDNS – No Logging DNS

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strongvpn logo1. Servers in 44 Cities or Countries
2. Support all Tunneling Protocols
3. Free software for all devices
4. Up to 2048 Bit Encryption
5. 5 Days Money Back Guarantee
6. Unlimited data transfer
7.  Two concurrent connections

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Astrill Brief features:

astrill logo1. Support all VPN protocols
2. Supported all Platforms / devices
3. Unlimited download bandwidth
4. Two Simultaneous Connections, one for computer, one for mobile device
5. 285+ VPN servers in 50 countries
6. Access Torrents, P2P, BitTorrent
7. Free 7-days trial

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TotalVPN Brief Features:

totalvpn logo1. Total Anonymity. Completely hide your personal information.
2. Servers in 30+ locations.
3. Unrestricted Data
4. 3 Device Connections
5. No Bandwidth Limit
6. Providing Limited Free VPN Service
7. Supporting All Device Types

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Hide.Me Brief Features: logo1. Servers in 29 locations
2. Unlimited bandwidth
3. Unlimited data transfer
4. Full protocol support
5. 5 simultaneous connections
6. Works on all devices
7. Zero personal data recorded
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PIA VPN Brief Features:

pia VPN logo1. 3304+ Servers in 25 Countries
2. 5 devices simultaneously
3. No traffic logs, complete privacy
4. SOCKS5 Proxy Included
5. Unlimited Bandwidth
6. Gigabit VPN port speeds
7. Unlimited data transfer

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What is a VPN?

Technology has over time redefined the world today, how we interact and more so when it comes to the way we pass and handle information. One key guarantee to the success of your business is widening your target clients. This means communication. Often, this proves to be costly and a huge challenge to most businesses. But with the emergence of VPNs, you have every reason to smile. You are about to know why…

Virtual Integrated Network (VPN) is simply interconnecting a system of computers to enable sharing of data. It uses the communication infrastructure mainly the internet. By this way, offices in the remote or individual can be connected to their organizations network with much ease.
It proves simpler for employees to interchange data across a public network. It is safe and easy to connect. This does not only increase functionality and security but also enables proper managing of the private network policies. An organization with an effective Virtual Private Network is more likely to cut on the expenses of using an expensive line system.

Why use a VPN?

Is an efficiently performing organization your aim? If yes, you better be contemplating on using VPNs today.  But why should you?

  • It will enable safe connection to a remote network via the internet. Data security is very essential to any organization. A  VPN makes it possible for employees to access data, applications, and other office resources like printers without compromising security.
  • Virtual private networks exceptionally helpful for linking several networks together in a safer manner. This way, businesses of all sizes are guaranteed of unique and efficient information sharing amongst their several offices, stores and branches.
  • Thirdly, adding an encrypted VPN while you are on a public or untrustworthy network such as a Wi-Fi hotspot in a hotel or coffee joint is a smart move to enhance online privacy.
  • Finally, a virtual Private Network is enables maneuvering regional restrictions on certain websites. Something Journalists and political dissidents find so useful.

How to choose a VPN?

There are some aspects to consider while selecting a VPN. Security aspects, speed, and accessibility are all important features that you have put in mind during the selection process. A good VPN should have an encryption technology that is up to date, has a clear refund policy and appropriate bandwidth limits to ensure room for expansion especially where information streams tend to increase with time.