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Latest AzireVPN Coupon Code

AzireVPN has servers in 3 countries in United States, Sweden, and Mauritius. It means users can unblock Swedish and USA streaming services from other countries. AzireVPN is providing powerful encryption by using an encryption technique known as AES-256. Full IPV6 help is also accessible. AzireVPN is not compromising over speed and bandwidth; user can enjoy all these specs by subscribing this reasonable service. AzireVPN coupon code is also available.

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Server locations & site access

AzireVPN provides a rather restricted choice of service locations. The provider has got servers in just three countries which include Mauritius, Sweden and United States. While the service cannot be used to unlock IP limited on-demand services from Canada, UK, and most of the Europe, it would actually help you to bypass state sponsored surveillance and access premium streaming service which are accessible only in Sweden and America.

There is no limitation on server switching so you are free to select Mauritian, Swedish and American IPs as per your needs.

Bandwidth & VPN speed

AzireVPN guarantees quick network speeds and limitless bandwidth to all subscribers. The provides does not shape traffic in any way so the service is perfect for resource dependent activities like downloading of GB Sized files, multiplayer gaming, and streaming HD content. The firm even permits bittoreenting activities from its Swedish servers to keep P2P lovers happy.

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Supported operating systems

AzireVPN is compatible with most systems and devices. Everything from Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows is supported so you would be capable to use the service from any computer or mobile devices. The firm provides configuration files for all servers but since there no custom installer accessible you need to set up the service manually by referring to the instructions accessible on the provider’s official website.

Privacy settings

AzireVPN safe user’s sessions through OpenVPN and PPTP protocols and up to AES-256 encryption. The service saves unsecured Wi-Fi sessions at public places (libraries, hotels, malls and airports) thwarts the attempts of intelligence agencies to monitor internet sessions as well as keep your sensitive details away from the reach of internet criminals. Also, since the service shields every kind of internet activity, including browsing, VOIP, FTP, messaging, emailing; it can be used to achieve hundred percent privacy on the web.

Final verdict

AzireVPN manages to impress on speed/bandwidth and privacy parameters. On the downside the firm does not have servers at many places plus it does not give 24 x 7 support. If you want to get special discount must apply AzireVPN coupon code.