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Spotflux VPN is a privacy product from The service is famous among the VPN community for its fully free VPN plans but the firm provides paid subscriptions as well with Spotflux Coupon code. Spotflux provides a satisfactory VPN service with Spotflux coupon code. While the firm does not provide choice of server places, it gives best speeds and top standard of privacy even to free subscribers.

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Spotflux does not limited speed or bandwidth even for its free users. The firm provides unlimited bandwidth and speed to each customer so the service is well suited for VOIP, streaming, browsing, online gaming activities and downloading. The service uses data compression to help to keep money on bandwidth. Paid users are also allowed to use the service for P2P legal file sharing activities.

About Spotflux VPN

Presently, Spotflux provides on US based IP addresses. While the customers who want to access domestic content and premium services from Canada, UK, and Europe would be very disappointed with the deficiency of choice of server places, the service is perfect for those who want to unblock US based content from outside America. By linking to Spotflux servers, you would be capable to unblock US based on-demand services like Hulu, CBS, Amazon instant videos, Netflix, HBO Go, Xfinity, NHL, NBC, MLB, Fox, USA Network, Pandora and ABC player from any geographical area or country in the globe.

spotflux coupon code

Spotflux gives its services through L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP protocols with a minimum of 128 bit encryption. The service can save your VIOP sessions, messaging, emailing, and browsing from all types of surveillance, security, and hacking threats when you are linked to an unsecure Wi-Fi hotspot. It even contains a server level firewall spec that saves from all kinds of spywares and viruses as well as tracking cookies and block ads.

Spotflux jobs well with iPod touch, iPads, iPhones, Mac and Android gadgets. The firm provides a customer client for operating system so there is no general configuration involved. The service links to the quickest server mechanically so there is no provision to select a specific server. Paid customers can use the service from five different gadgets but free users do not obtain this facility.

The firm provides customer support through email. While paid customers get prompt replies to their queries, free subscribers obtain a limited support. Anyway, the firm has published detail troubleshooting information in its FAQ section which can support you to resolve most general VPN errors.