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Latest TigerVPN Coupon Code

TigerVPN is a powerful competitor in the marketplace which is offering ultimate security system and blazing speed if you select any of your best locations. Once you are linked with the internet, you can browse anonymously. Your IP disappears and you can use our network to access in any sites. TigerVPN also provides special discount with TigerVPN coupon code.

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Features of TigerVPN

High speed & Limitations. You will get shocked after seeing the speed limitations of TigerVPN. The amazing speed indicated low latency network, top upstream and international routing which is best for an internet speed. They are offering up to 300 Gbps access bandwidth in the network. Your domestic ISP server is doing nothing. The speed restriction is null. If means you can enjoy limitless speed for your top speed internet.

Device compatibility. Set up your devices with TigerVPN. Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone and Mac users are relaxed in using TigerVPN. Just download the applications and you are ready to go. You can easily obtain the military grade protection in any gadgets of your choice. Encrypt your discussion and browse anonymously. You can access to any server place of your choice.

Customer support. The customer support is accessible through email and live chat. The live chat is accessible only during office hours so the email is often the quickest way to get fast resolution for technical issues. The support team is well-informed and makes it a point to respond to customers queries within a realistic time.

tigervpn coupon code

Privacy settings. TigerVPN saves your privacy with 128-256 bit encryption which is delivered via L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols. While the protocol is perfect for internet activities which need highest security, L2TP and PPTP protocols are perfect for highest compatibility. The firm does not trust on third party program to deliver its service, its VPN solution was created in-home to provide highest privacy and security. The firm even provides a superb Wi-Fi protection so that your financial transaction, banking details, social accounts and passwords remain safe while you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots available at hotels, public parks, airports, shops, coffee, and malls.

Final verdict. There is no doubt that TigerVPN provides a high standard VPN service and aims to become a large player in the industry. On the downside, the service is slightly costly and the firm still does not have servers in many vial VPN markets (such as Canada) but you can get discount with TigerVPN coupon code.